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Schedule Your Appointment

Appointments are available Monday - Saturday

Call us at:

  Novi:   (248) 427-9620

Farmington:   (248) 474-5125


Text:  (814) 637-7715


Before Your Visit


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Before Your Visit


Our staff will automatically send you paperwork a few days prior to your appointment which can be sent via email or text message, whichever you prefer.  Completing this ahead of time will save you 15-20 minutes at your appointment!  Please contact us if you do not receive the email or text message.

Alternatively, you may print out the paperwork to fill out by hand and bring with you to your appointment.  Use the links below to print.  Please keep in mind that you will need to arrive for your appointment an additional 20 minutes early.


Our doctors will be recommending retinal imaging and a screening test for glaucoma and macular degeneration as a part of your annual exam.  Learn more about these tests prior to your visit by clicking here:

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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After Your Visit

Let us know about your experience with us:


Thank you for choosing Evolve Eyecare!

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