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Eye Test


Screening Tests


Routine eye exams are recommended once per year, even if you do not have any symptoms.  Our doctors will perform a thorough evaluation of the health of the eyes while also providing you with updated prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses.  We use advanced technology to perform screening tests that can detect many eye diseases at the very earliest stages before they even begin to affect your vision. 


Common eye diseases we screen for include:

Dry Eyes | Glaucoma | Macular Degeneration | Cataracts


When it comes to the eyes, prevention is the best medicine.  Our technology allows us to screen for common eye diseases and catch them at the earliest stage before it becomes too difficult to treat. 


We currently offer two screening tests that are highly recommended for every routine eye exam:

Retinal Screening Test

This test uses the Optomap to take a picture of the retina inside the eye.  It helps us identify eye conditions such as retinal tears, retinal detachments, floaters, and much more.  The best part about this test is you will not have your eyes dilated!

Recommendation:  All ages

Glaucoma & Macular Degeneration Screening

Early signs of Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration are very difficult to catch without the use of this technology because each layer of the retina is similar in thickness to a human hair, or approximately 100 microns.  This test uses OCT Imaging, which is similar to an ultrasound as it is able to see each layer beneath the surface of the retina and can therefore detect these diseases much sooner than traditional dilation.

Recommendation:  Ages 40+

Eye Emergencies

If you experience a sudden loss of vision, the sudden onset of flashes and/or floaters or are experiencing painful redness with or without discharge, please contact our office immediately at (248) 427-9620.

If you experience a medical eye problem after hours or on weekends, please proceed to the nearest urgent care center or emergency room. If you need to speak to our doctor on call, please dial our main phone number (248) 427-9620 for contact information.

Custom Contact Lens Services

We fit all major brands of contact lenses, including specialty lenses for medical eye conditions such as aphakia, keratoconus, and for those patients that have had corneal surgery.

We provide fittings and evaluations, instruction in lens care and handling, and provide continuous

follow-up care.

Professional Optical Services

Our office has a large selection of the newest fashion eyewear from the industry’s leading designers and manufacturers. We regularly add new styles and frame lines to offer you the best selection possible.

We are dedicated to providing you with friendly and courteous service and can assist you with every aspect of your frame selection including recommendations and tips on style as well as the most up-to-date technical information.

Treatment of Ocular Diseases

Our doctors are experienced in managing and treating patients with cataracts, dry eyes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and the ophthalmic manifestations of systemic diseases. Treatment may include topical and oral prescription medications as well as nutritional recommendations.

We also provide annual preventative eye exams for diabetics and patients on high-risk medications. When additional specialty care is needed, our doctors work with the area's leading ophthalmic surgeons and specialists. A follow-up report is provided to your primary care physician when needed.

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